Mechanical solutions

Mechanical solutions

Postby Dreamstate » Fri Oct 26, 2012 8:47 am

If you've owned a mkIV, you have had to replace the rear brakes before the fronts were worn out. Which is odd because the front brakes provide 90% of braking power to a vehicle.
SO, when installing the new brakes a few months ago, I noticed I had to pry the old pads out of the carrier with a screwdriver. They were jammed in place between two slider clips. The new pads came with these replacement brass looking slider clips, which I was about to put in, but decided to only put the bottom one in so that the pad would be slightly loose. I'm thinking the slider clips are there to stop pad rattling, but I haven't noticed any since the install. What I have noticed is that my average fuel economy the last two months has gone up by 3-4mpg. Coincidence? Maybe.
Another indicator that this is working is that the car no longer eases to a stop by itself on a slow roll. That always bugs me. If the brakes are always dragging, that's wasted energy.
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