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Update to Gallery

Postby professor science » Wed Jun 25, 2008 8:02 am

Hi All,

Quota has been removed, only restriction is max file size must be < 10MB

All event galleries are public, so you can upload to those instead of personal event albums if you so desire.


If you want you can also directly upload from XP

Coppermine Help wrote: XP Web Publishing Wizard: Setup
Before you can use the XP Web Publishing Wizard, it needs to know the address of the your gallery.

* Open your browser and type the following into the address box: http://gallery.dasjettakartell.com/xp_publish.php
* On "File Download - Security Warning" click "Save" to save the cpg_###.reg file on your Desktop. (The ### represents a 10-digit numerical timestamp.)
* Open Windows Explorer
* Select Desktop from the left panel
* Double click on the file name that you just saved
* On Registry Editor's "Are you sure..." dialog click "Yes"

Above procedure needs to be done only once by users wishing to use the XP Publishing Wizard. XP Web Publishing Wizard: Uploading pictures
The process of uploading pictures is a matter of following a simple dialog. It takes much longer to describe the process than do it.

* Start Windows Explorer and locate the directory with your photographs and select one or more pictures for upload.
* If the Windows Explorer left panel is not titled "Picture Tasks", click on the "X" in the top right corner of the panel to close it and to reveal the Picture Tasks panel.
* Select "Publish xxxx to the Web" from "File and Folder Tasks" on the left panel. "xxxx" could say "this file, these files or this folder" depending on what is highlighted on the right panel.
* On Web Publishing Wizard's Welcome screen click "Next".
* You can change your selection if necessary on the Thumbnail window showing up. Click "Next" when you are ready.
* From the service provider window highlight your Photo Gallery name and click "Next".
* Enter your Coppermine username and password to login to your gallery and click "Next".
* From the "Welcome username" window you have an option of uploading your picture(s) into one of the existing albums or starting a new album. Click "Next" when you are ready.
* Click "Next" in the upload starting confirmation window.
* Select the picture sizes for the uploaded pictures. If you are unsure about acceptable picture sizes, verify with your Gallery administrator. Click "Next" when you are ready.
* You are presented with the last window of the dialog and given a choice of opening the Gallery when the upload is complete.
* Click "Finish" to end the XP Web Publishing Wizard and to enter the Gallery to check the new album contents.

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Re: Update to Gallery

Postby Dreamstate » Wed Jun 25, 2008 9:19 am

Neat! I'll give it a try.
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